Rania Kort

About Me

I am a proud mom, consultant, coach, entrepreneur, and author of the book Power Up Your Vision

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and have been drawn by the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset from very early on in my career.

Entrepreneurship represents to me growth, innovation, creativity, courage, freedom, self-reliance, and resilience – all of which make up my core values!

I believe that entrepreneurship is an inside job that deepens our mindset in profound ways once we realize how to use our power consciously to overcome adversity, and create greatness for ourselves and positivity in the world.


  • I live in Princeton, NJ and have spent the last 5 summers in Boulder, CO!
  • I love to eat out - especially outdoors when it's warm
  • I love Hallmark-like towns and watch Hallmark movies 🙂
  • I grew up in East Africa and visited over 20 countries
  • I learned to speak 7 languages but only retained a few
  • I love meeting new people and connecting authentically
  • My passion is writing and creating things with meaning
  • I love building businesses and have had 5 businesses of my own
  • I can't wait to wake up so I can have my coffee!
  • I design and make all my own jewelry to power up my energy
  • I graduated from Syracuse University with 2 Masters degrees and a Bachelors
  • I 'm a personal growth junkie!
Rania Kort-full

A summary of my background:

  • I have been a business /management consultant, advisor, and coach for 25 years.
  • I worked for one of the largest prestigious consulting firms for 7 years, running a successful $ 50 million practice leading over 300 people
  • I have helped leaders and teams in Fortune 100 companies undergo organizational transformations and achieve extraordinary results
  • I have helped owners of small businesses clarify their vision and business model and helped them create a growth plan that paved their path to an inspiring future!
  • I just finished writing my first book and am excited about this achievement! I have also published articles, papers, and ebooks on business development, strategic planning, leadership, and personal development
  • I have been a keynote speaker and presenter at global and local conferences
  • I have conducted workshops around the country and facilitated seminars snd coaching programs to hunfreds of leaders, professionals and business owners
  • I left a successful corporate job 20 years ago to pursue my passion, regain my freedom and work on my own terms.
  • I have succeeded, and I have failed. I have been stuck, and I have soared. I have come across some major obstacles both personally and in my business, which I learned to overcome and turn around through mindset
  • I have paid the price for stress and understand its correlation with success.
  • Everything I coach about, I’ve needed, used, and experienced at my core!



”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

-- Margaret Mead