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How to Use Vision as Your Power

Have you ever thought of Vision as a power you have? Most people may understand what vision is, but don’t really understand that it is actually a power we have when we learn how to use it. In fact most people don’t even have a vision or don’t realize how important it is to create their future.

The practice of using vision to grow a business has been mainstream. Athletes, and successful people have all used it to achieve some extraordinary things, but yet most people haven’t really been taught how to create those same type of extraordinary results in their ordinary lives. The latest research on neuroscience, neurobiology, neuropsychology is finding more and more evidence around the power of vision and visualization and the power it has on our brain, our success and our happiness.

Here are 3 ways how vision can be used as a power we have:

Vision ignites our power to create

It is through vision that we activate our imagination to create. We always create twice. First in our mind and then in form. When we imagine, we start sending instruction to our brain of an image we want to create so it can imprint it into our inner reality.

When we want to create something new and something more, we are in essence asking for growth. Vision becomes a way we challenge ourselves to do something we haven’t done and to access potential we haven’t previously tapped into. Vision is a power tool that can help us heal, grow, survive and thrive.

When we learn its power we can use it to create what we want. I learned this especially when I was so determined to heal. It became the lens in which I saw what I want to create in my future. I became very aware to consciously train my mind to create an image of wellness rather than allowing fear to create an image of darkness. That’s the only vision I focused on! That became my power.

Vision ignites energy and replaces fear, doubt and negativity.

When we have a vision that is so vivid in our mind of what we want and why it is so compelling for us to achieve it, it can pull us through our fears and doubts and enables us to achieve what otherwise can seem impossible.Vision is one of the tools to help override the barrier of fear. When our vision is so strong and compelling to us, it rises above the fears and doubts that would otherwise get in our way. When we practice training our brain to always focus on our vision, it also enables us to regulate our emotions by continually matching our energy to what we want to achieve. With practice and time we change the Neural pathway of our brain, and our habitual patterns of doubt and fear get replaced with the vision we want manifested.

Vision ignites our power through action

Many times we get stuck and don’t take action because something is not clear. Sometimes it’s a lack of vision and other times it could be doubt or fear. But when we are clear and committed to our vision, we have a different level of energy that inspires us to take action. When we always ensure our action is in alignment with our vision, we create a chain reaction that clarifies the next thing we have to do.

When we understand the power of vision and how it also ignites our energy and action, we can use it to make a big difference in our lives and the lives of others. It is a tool we can all use daily, and at any time, to power up our life, our business, our health and our future. It helps us stay focused on what is important and keeps our energy flowing the right way!

Listen to what Tony Robbins says below about vision and energy. Keep your vision powered up to do what you want next in your life, align your energy and action and watch it slowly begin to manifest!