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Deepen the Meaning of Your Vision Through Purpose

Our deepest joy comes when we feel inspired, passionate and fulfilled. When we are inspired, we are “in spirit” and our soul is ignited. We especially feel this when we are succeeding, thriving and flourishing. This is the feeling that comes from our soul. This is the language our soul knows. This is what drives us to aim for more success, to climb higher, to seek more and to raise the bar to achieve more. It is important that we distinguish when our soul is driving us to aim for more vs. when our ego is driving. Our ego drives us for more to help us survive; to protect us; to make us feel more significant; to “prove” a belief we have; to address something we lack; to react to something we fear. Our soul drives us for more to help us thrive; to experience abundance in a “richer” way; to experience a new level of joy; to reach a new depth of personal growth: to contribute to a greater good and to help others grow. 

Having Purpose is Your Strength to Achieve More

As we aim for more and climb to new heights, we increase our risk of falling. It’s like taking a journey to climb a mountain. The higher we go up, the higher the risk. The risk also exponentially increases if we climb it without preparation. So to aim higher, we need to think deeper. We need to be more aware of what the journey requires and then prepare how to minimize that risk and maximize our results. This is where most people are not prepared. This is how most people stop pursuing what they really want. They start the journey unprepared and end up spending a great deal of time dealing with the emotions that get tin the way. Many don’t even take the journey at all because the risk seems too high or too scary. To go on a journey without preparation or purpose is quite costly and could even be devastating. Then again, by not embarking on the next journey it can also be very costly if you are left feeling empty and unfulfilled. We each get to decide whether or not to take the next journey depending on what it means to us to either stay where we are or go for more.

Setbacks Give More Meaning to Your Purpose

It is inevitable that as we aim to climb higher and go for more, we will encounter challenges. Many of us can tell stories about the challenges we faced and setbacks we’ve had and how we handled them. I personally went through this process a number of times after I was faced with different challenges both in business and personally. We’ve all experienced what it is like to fall and face hardships. But for each setback the decision is always the same – dwell on it, overcome it or replace it with a higher purpose. For me, each time I had to self-reflect and reassess. Each time I had to upgrade my mindset until I learned to view my setbacks as my power and as my gift to give back. Instead of getting discouraged, doubtful, scared, apathetic or disillusioned about something difficult, you can learn to remove those feelings and replace them with vision and purpose.

You Can Find Your Purpose Through Personal Growth

We are not taught how to manage this personal growth process, yet this is the most important process in our life. We are taught many different skills but not a process to take us through our personal growth journey. There is an increasing level of awareness about our personal growth, particularly as it relates to the power of our minds and the power that we all possess. When we learn how to access that power and connect it to our purpose, nothing can get in the way of going after what we want. This is not to say that we won’t face challenges. We will still experience tough situations and difficult emotions, but we will know how to better navigate them and use them to do more. If you know you have the potential to achieve more, don’t settle for less. Stay true to yourself and keep going after what you want. However, start with better understanding yourself, your vision and your purpose. That will help bring you more meaning and understanding of why it is so important for you to pursue it. 

Listen to what Oprah has to say about the importance of understanding your purpose. Her whole career was led by “purpose” which came from a deeper knowing early on and in every step of her growth. It helped her rise above all the noise, her doubts and others’ doubts which is what enabled her to get across every hurdle. She has a spirit that is so determined to grow, and she stayed true to it. But she didn’t do this by herself, she got help from her coaches and her mentors who taught her the importance of accessing her purpose, her power and her potential.