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How to Unify the Conflict and Duality Within You

Duality exists in all of us. It is sometimes referred to as the Yin and the Yang. It is how brightness and darkness are revealed to us. It is how we experience opposites. It is seen in the differences between our masculine and feminine energies. It is the highs and lows and the good and bad that we feel. It’s the happiness and sadness that come from our perception and meaning. It is what we experience in the battle of our ego and our soul.

Duality exists to help us embrace and unify opposites so we can find our perfect balance. We would not know darkness if we didn’t have brightness; we cannot appreciate happiness if we didn’t understand sadness. However, depending on how we view it, these lows and highs can either weaken us or strengthen us. It’s all about perspective and how we choose to look at things. In all cases we can use the confict and duality within us as an opportunity to examine and learn how our choices teach us more about ourselves.

One valuable lesson to learn is that nothing is good or bad, it just is. The meaning we attach to it is the energy we vibrate. Low energies come from negative emotions where we experience sadness, frustrations, anger, anxiety, stress, fear or other forms of emotional turbulence; while the higher energies come from courage, abundance and feeling the expansiveness that lead us to higher, more balanced emotions of love and above.

Everything has the seed of its opposite. It’s two sides of the same coin. It is believed that there is a power in the universe that is higher, deeper and truer than any other power. This power is made up of opposite energies, vibrations and matter that behave differently under different circumstances. The Yin and the Yang are representative of those powers. The Yang starts in action and the Yin receives it.

  • The Yin is the female softer, nurturing, compassionate energy
  • The Yang is the masculine stronger, harder, brighter and faster energy

Society has conditioned us to think and express our masculine and feminine energies as either/or. However in order for us to truly live in perfect balance, we need to learn how to unify those energies within us and express them as a union of both.

Tap deeper within you and check the energy you feel when you hear the words below and determine which ones feel automatically masculine and which ones feel automatically feminine:

Beautiful, loving, powerful, confident, intimate, nurturing, competitive, winner, provider, sensuous, erotic.

You begin to wake up when you reject genderized energy and reframe it as human energy. Power does not have to be the opposite of sensitivity, beauty against confidence, nurturing against winning.

Through polarity we can learn to unify these energies within us. Whereas dualism implies separation, polarity is the unifying principle of dualism When we learn how to live in flow, we can be in harmony with the universe’s natural flow helping us create the perfect balance of our energies through the reconnection of our mind, body and soul.

So acknowledge when you experience inner conflict and practice unifying them to raise your energy and vibration instead. Make duality a gift to enrich your soul whenever it presents itself in your life and harness it to create more balance within you.

Remember, it’s all about choice. You have the power and the choice to reframe and choose the thoughts and emotions you want. When you feel negative emotions, you can reframe it from being a “bad” thing to being a message that is awakening you and bringing to your awareness that you need to shift your energy to change that feeling right at that moment. It is in that moment that you make a choice to keep harping on it or to look in the mirror and turn it into an opportunity for growth. Do I want to keep feeling this way or do I want to change my perspective so I can feel better and turn things around to help the situation? This is the power and choice we all have. Just always remember to use it and you will have all the energy you need to achieve all it is that you want!