Power Up Daily

3 Steps to Use the Power of Energy to Manifest Your Desires

Our energy is one of our most powerful invisible superpowers that we have which we can tap into, measure, shift, and raise to a higher frequency at any and every moment. When our energy is high, we can achieve anything, we can connect to the love of life and we can create the next destiny we want.

Our energy is tied to our thoughts, feelings, and actions which are tied to our health, our happiness, our success and spiritual growth. We are energy beings. Our life force is made up of energy that runs from low to high depending on how we feel emotionally and physically.

  • Lower energies come from lower emotions such as sadness, fear, doubt, uncertainty, shame, anger, blame, and even pride. These can be referred to as the ego-centric energies.
  • Higher energies come from our higher emotions starting with courage, inspiration, passion, gratitude, joy, love and above. These higher energies can be referred to as the soul-centric energies

One of the simple secrets to living a happy, abundant and fulfilling life, is to learn how to regulate and elevate your energy to a higher frequency in the moment when you are feeling low, flat or down. To do so, you have to become more mindful and aware of your thoughts and feelings and become skilled at shifting your energy whenever you feel it has dipped.

Most of us feel energy even though we may not see it. When someone walks into a room and they are happy, inspired and fulfilled, we can feel it. Similarly, if someone walks in and they are depressed, unhappy, angry or scared, we also feel that energy. We know energy is real. We feel it in others, in ourselves and all around us most of the times. However we are not tuned into it at all times and haven’t really understood its power, and how we can use it to achieve more of what we desire. In order to manifest the vision we want in life, our energy frequency has to be aligned and vibrating at the same level as the energy of our desired vision.

Everyone is always vibrating a frequency of energy through their body, their thoughts and their emotions. It is said that our thoughts send out our intentions but it is the energy of our feelings that magnetize back the energy of our emotions. This concept is becoming more prevalent as the disciplines of neuroscience, neurobiology, physics and universal laws come together. This is the same basis of the Law of Attraction which comes from a universal principle that states “you will attract into your life whatever you focus on” – whether that energy is positive or whether it is negative.

Quantum Physicists for a hundred years have been studying the infinite field of energy. It is believed that the quantum field is an invisible field made up of energy, vibration, frequency, and information that come from the realm of thought. So when you think of positive thoughts and really open your heart, you create the highest frequency of energy. In fact, according to the HeartMath Institute, the heart carries the largest electromagnetic field in the body measuring 60 times greater in amplitude than our brain waves. The energy from your thoughts send out the electric charge in the quantum field and the energy from your feelings come from the heart that create the magnetic charge pulling in similar energy frequency. The more aware you are of that power and how to align the higher energy, the more you become the captain of your ship, the master of your soul and the creator of your destiny.

We have different types of energies. Each of them impact us in different ways and they are all interconnected.

  • Physical energy comes from our body and the energy Meridians that keep our life force flowing
  • Mental energy comes from our thoughts and enable us to focus
  • Emotional energy comes from our emotions and impact how we feel
  • Spiritual energy connects us to a higher power, to our purpose and to something much bigger than us in the universal quantum field.

Your energy is what creates your reality and helps you to determine what perspective to focus on in your life. It is a power you have that you can use and practice elevating at all times. Your energy becomes your guide and mastering your energy becomes your skill. When you master that skill you can manifest the reality you want by living in that emotion every day.

Take some time out throughout your day and identify which energy frequency you are vibrating. Is your energy feeling low or are you feeling like you are vibrating more in a higher energy zone? Are you feeling stress, anxiety, worry, turbulent, sad, scared, unsettled, unmotivated, defeated, or are you feeling inspired, energized, grateful, loving, optimistic, or supercharged? Name the feeling you feel and realize that anything less than inspiring energy is not serving you. When you make it your goal to master your energy and shift it in the moment of awareness when you realize it is not serving you, you are adjusting your trajectory to keep you aligned toward the vision you desire. When you’re energy is off, you are off track. Your superpower is mastering your energy to keep your energy on track.

3 Things to Do Daily to Master Your Energy

Below are three things to do daily to continually elevate your energy so you can align to the vision of your desires at all times.

1. Start each day creating coherence with your heart

  • Start your day with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for life and all the things you take for granted. Feel the air going in and out of you and think of the Miracle that brings that life force into your body – There is an intelligence in your body that takes care of your life. This intelligence is part of the miracle to remember to be thankful for, Be grateful for the Little things that bring you joy and for who you are today. Train your mind to focus every morning on what you appreciate, and never for what you lack.
  • Welcome the new day with an open heart and be open to all the possibilities, surprises, and adventures before you. Train your mind daily to think in terms of opportunities and not problems or things that can cause you stress, worry, discomfort or anxiety.
  • Accept everything and everyone as is – and that includes you and whatever you are experiencing as well
  • This day is a new beginning – Don’t drag in any lower emotions from the past or anxiety from the future.

2. Be mindful of your thoughts

Be aware and mindful of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Every thought you think builds your future. So choose the thoughts you want and choose thoughts that will make you feel good, give you hope and optimism. Remember your power is in each moment you chose to select and change your thoughts and emotions.

If at any moment you find that your thoughts are depleting your energy, reclaim that power and create thoughts that will empower you instead, make you feel good and align with what you want.

Your thoughts run on auto-pilot and many of those thoughts are not even yours. They are made up of old habitual patterns from past conditioning, experiences and survival practices that we no longer need. You have the power to break those patterns and to make your thoughts what you want them to be. By consistently doing that you are rewiring your mind to create new patterns.

  • Awareness enables you to recognize thoughts and emotions that are not serving you and
  • Choice gives you the power to change that process so it is not controlling you.

3. Master the skill of energy shifting throughout your day

Your energy shifts during the day. It shifts depending on how much sleep you’ve had, what you’ve eaten, if you’re sedentary, and what thoughts are going through your mind. If you aim at all times to keep your energy continually elevated throughout the day to be living in the energy and emotion of already having your desires, you will change the chemistry of your brain to always focus on what you want. Find vibrational alignment with what you want and make a promise to yourself that you will sustain this feeling of well being all day regardless of what comes your way. Remember, this is a choice and a power you have that you can use at any time.

We all have situations where unfortunate things happen or when demands of life create stress, frustration, or overwhelm. The secret is to disengage from those feelings and learn to shift your focus to some condition that will make you see a different perspective. When you release your lower emotions in the moment, your will train your mind to always find gratitude, gifts and opportunities. As a result you free up your energy to find solutions, to act on those solutions and to stay aligned with the energy of what you want to achieve next. That’s the energy that will enable you to make the changes necessary to get to the next level

  • Check in with how you feel throughout the day
  • Make sure you shift your energy when you see it has dropped
  • Think of something, a situation or someone that makes you feel good
  • Listen to or watch something that is uplifting and inspirational
  • Connect with people who can help inspire you and give you energy
  • Meditate, learn different energy techniques, exercise or move so you keep energy flowing
  • Do something that you enjoy daily!

By practicing these 3 steps daily, you will see a difference in how you feel and it willhelp you align with the energy that you want to manifest into your life!