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The Rise of the Soulopreneur

We are undergoing a powerful shift in the world that is creating a transformation of global consciousness. This transformation has been slowly taking place in the last ten to fifteen years but has become louder and louder during these past two years of the COVID19 pandemic. This consciousness is bringing out more and more awareness and understanding that we are all part of an interconnected world and a global community. It is raising awareness that although there are many moral, political and cultural systems, we all share one commonality – humanity.

Events on one part of the world are ricocheting across countries, towns and villages and are impacting us in our daily lives and in our livelihood. It is raising many questions in people and creating more self-reflection about what is important. It is questioning what we want to do next with our lives and how we can be more connected through community.

This global consciousness, as we need to understand it, is about appreciating more about our similarities, our humanity and about finding unity – rather than looking for more about our differences or staying in the illusion of separation. It is about developing a sense of belonging to the whole and knowing we are each a part of it. And mostly, it is about pushing us to contribute, take action and step into the responsibility of helping continue to elevate this consciousness movement– rather than be a bystander of it all.

The Current Transformation

As we elevate our consciousness, we awaken from the illusion of separation. It is a sign that our soul is awakening. It is the rise of our soul’s vibration elevating to a higher level. This is all part of a sign that we are beginning to undergo an ego transformation phase. One that is evolving into our soul’s consciousness phase to co-create. It is the recognition that the old ego-minded patterns of our survival is no longer serving us. It is the recognition that the materialistic consciousness of our culture is at the root of our crisis and is turning out to be a house of cards that is crumbling. It is a deeper awareness that we are more than the persona we developed and the mask we have learned to wear. That there has to be more to our life than just the beliefs we have and what we have learned it to be in our conventional way of thinking.

What many are experiencing now is a deeper calling from their soul to explore more who they are, what they want and how to better serve others. What many are experiencing now is the evolution of consciousness from an ego-driven life to a soul driven one. It is living differently and more authentically from our inner being and less from the ego. It is the deeper awareness of our “ego self” and our perceptions of reality. It is living less at the surface and more from our deeper being. It is understanding more how our conventional ego-mind thinks and more what our soul-driven mind wants. It is awakening to the fact that we live in a world of duality where our ego has been conditioned to drive us vs. our soul. It is an awakening that our life journey has been about what we’ve been experiencing from both our ego and our soul – and that it’s time now to live from the abundance of our soul. All this is leading people down a journey of personal transformation that is helping people unravel who they really are beyond their ego, what their uniqueness is, how their mindset has helped them and how it has limited them, and what purpose they can serve to contribute more nobly to the world.

Evolution of the Global Consciousness Movement

As this global consciousness is evolving it is bringing about people’s personal transformation and is causing a shift not only in people’s personal lives, but also in business. As a result,

  • More and more conscious businesses are evolving
  • Conscious leadership is developing
  • People’s business and professional needs are changing
  • Emotional and social Intelligence is increasing
  • Awareness about the power of our mind and its relation to our potential is unfolding
  • The definition of success and happiness is shifting
  • Deep soulful needs vs. ego needs are surfacing
  • Old self-concepts are disrupting people as they are transforming
  • Social awareness around business is building
  • Positivity is dominating
  • A new power of vision is transpiring
  • A higher energy is vibrating
  • A new trend of entrepreneurship is emerging.
  • New soulful purposeful businesses are manifesting
  • The Soulopreneur is rising!

The Shift to Soulopreneurship

An all-time high of new small businesses are being created since the pandemic. In 2021, there were 5.4 million new businesses created in the U.S according to the US Census Bureau, surpassing the previous all-time high in 2020 with 4.4 million business created during the first year of the pandemic.

Freelance services, marketplaces and creative platforms have also grown providing opportunities for solopreneurs who work alone a great way to find customers and build their business. We are also seeing a trend that is being referred to as the Great Resignation of people who have been leaving their jobs since the pandemic. These are the people that have come to a realization during the pandemic that they need a change. They are those that have either felt overworked, undervalued or unfulfilled in their work. People who make up part of the statistics of this new trend also make up part of the statistics of the 9.8 million businesses that were created during the 2 years of the pandemic. They are those that want the freedom to be their own boss and want the excitement of building something new, something creative and something purposeful.

Although there are different types of entrepreneurs, the shift that is taking place now is the emergence of the soulful entrepreneur. Traditionally by definition an entrepreneur is “an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards”..

The definition of a Soulopreneur is an individual who wants to create a business from their soul, from their passion and from their growing awareness that they have a deeper purpose and a uniqueness that they can share, contribute and benefit Others in the world. It is someone who wants to start or grow their business based on:

  • A higher purpose beyond making profit – that includes doing what they love, what they are passionate about and what is meaningful to them to help benefit others
  • Bringing their passion and uniqueness into their work – and how to use that energy to stay inspired daily so they can keep growing
  • Their willingness to personally build a new “solopreneur” mindset using new business skills – so they can evolve their business in a new way vs. the conventional way
  • An inspiring vision – that will serve as their power and guide to build the soulful business they want and to allow it to unfold
  • Their desire to collaborate and co-create with others to build an authentic community that will help them grow a wholesome business based on what their buyers are asking for
  • A new way of doing business – one where the business wants to do good in the world and make meaningful money. Where the focus is not on competing and being better than others but rather on collaborating and contributing to a larger social purpose – while still making a profit.

A soulopreneur may be a solopreneur – working solo – but they never need to feel alone, because we have a community to support them!

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